Valley Cat Hustle

Valley Cat Hustle

Explore the Valley in this free bike race meets scavenger hunt that we call a "hustle"! Valley Cat Hustle is an alley cat-style bike race series for all. We meet the first Wednesday of every month for a choose-your-own-route race with fun checkpoints. Go for fun or speed - there will be rewards for MORE than just the fastest!

Next Race: median park across from Florence Civic Center

Wednesday, February 2nd, 7pm
Scrabble Hustle!

What's an Alley Cat?

Alley Cats were originally races created by bike messengers to test their speed and routing in cities. Participants are given a 'spoke' or a 'cue' card that has a set of checkpoints that each rider must visit. The twist is each rider comes up with their own route to visit each checkpoint! This lets everyone ride the routes they're comfortable with and adds a fun challenge of navigating the area they're in.

Most checkpoints will have a challenge to complete and once done, the checkpoint host will sign your card. Sometimes you may just need to grab a specific thing (like a sticker, or take a selfie) to prove you were there.

Generally the person first back is the winner, but we'll be doing awards for more than just speed! And occassionally speed won't matter at all and some other metric will be used to determine the main winner.